Social channels provide ample data on the relevance and impact of your storytelling with audiences. We use analytics APIs to extract, anaylise and understand viewer data for the purpose of measuring and improving your storytelling over time.

The black box of data analysis is unstructured data. For data analysts, video content has a tendency to fall under that category. Apart from duration and text metadata, data analysts lack the handles to structure video analytics on a content level. As video creators, we think differently. We use a structured narratology approach to finding what video content works best, and the categories used can be applied to qualify video clips and analyse their impact. To that end we have developed a quite unique video matrix: Narrator perspective, voice, time, pace and mood are categories that are well established in the world of video narratology and can be used to develop a storytelling data model.

The goal is: Build organic reach online and reach pre-defined campaign targets. Take data-driven decisions on media spending with sponsored posts for selected audiences. Set up social distribution strategies based on your existing organic audience footprint on different channels.

Depending on your targets and budgets, we will provide success advise you to buy extra reach on specific channels. The strategy will normally cover a period of several weeks or months and include pre-defined evolvement of the story bow to create a growing and loyal audience over time for your campaign.