We tell stories. Always did, and always wanted to.

Our customers have a message, we find the story. Marketing communication, employer branding, fundraising or social responsibility: We find that sweet spot where the message has a human dimension.

Storytelling requires data analysis and tech skills; Understand digital channels and audience behaviour, develop content strategies and install procedures to make storytelling happen in corporate reality.

With a background in TV and feature film production, we started CLIPPS.TV in 2006 as an online video agency. Our first customers were in the hospitality industry: We presented hotels of Hilton, Starwood (Sheraton, Le Meridien etc), Fairmont,  Swissôtel on a global scale, working with local teams in many contries. Telling a hotel story means turning a real estate venture into a human adventure.

Developing with the needs of our customers we added content distribution and workflow integration into our service portfolio. As a natural extensioin of our storytelling competetnce, and based on customer demand, we started to evolve into the field of fundraising, helping NPOs to draft donor jouneys that move donors through the process.

We built clip.tube, the first online workflow management app for online video storytelling, enabling large organizations to integrate video storytelling into their communication ecosystem. Initially designed to support our own internal workflow we added a licensing functionality to make clip.tube available to other agencies.